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Unstuff Your Stuff

Mike's new mystery novel, Unstuff Your Stuff, about a professional organizer is now available.

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Mike Befeler on Aging

You may have heard of "chick lit." What I write can affectionately be labeled "geezer lit" as my protagonist, Paul Jacobson, is in his eighties. The first novel in my series, Retirement Homes Are Murder, blends the elements of a murder mystery with the challenges of aging.

Paul encounters a number of issues with aging that he must deal with or sees in others. These include short-term memory loss, the death of a spouse, incontinence, macular degeneration, hearing problems, dementia, aids for walking, medication. But Paul also exhibits the characteristics of a robust, actively-involved octogenarian who experiences romance and must figure out how to extract himself from murder accusations and help track down a killer. The novel blends the reality of aging with the humor and adventure that exist for a life time.




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